Half-time/Full-time Betting Guide

The half-time/full-time bet involves predicting the outcome of a football match at the end of half-time or full-time. This popular betting market focuses solely on whether the home team wins, loses, or draws at each interval. 

Like other betting markets, this bet option creates an avenue for profit. So, read along as we guide you through the working principles of this betting market, its various types, and winning strategies.

You will also learn how to choose the best sportsbooks and place half-time/full-time bets on them.

Beginners and seasoned pros will find the information in our article very useful.

What is Half-time/Full-time Football Betting?

This form of betting involves wagering on football half-time and full-time results. Despite looking relatively easy, this betting market can be quite tricky. To win, you must get both half-time and full-time predictions right to win the bet.

This bet type may not provide easy wins, but with the right strategy, it could be very profitable. 

Usually, these bets come in nine different combinations based on away/home halftime/fulltime results, and they include the following:

  1. Home/Home: The home team wins at half-time and full-time.
  2. Home/Draw: The home team wins at half-time, but the match ends in a tie.
  3. Home/Away: The home team wins at half-time but loses at full-time.
  4. Draw/Home: The two teams tie at half-time, but the home team wins at full-time.
  5. Draw/Draw: The two teams tie at half-time and full-time. 
  6. Draw/Away: The two teams tie at half-time, but the away team wins at full-time.
  7. Away/Home: The away team wins at half-time but loses at full-time.
  8. Away/Draw: The away team wins at half-time, but the match ends in a tie.
  9. Away/Away: The away team wins at half-time and full-time.
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How to Make Accurate half-time/full-time Football Predictions 

Now that you have the home/away halftime/fulltime meaning under wraps, you can use this knowledge with the following tips to make profitable predictions. These pointers include:

  • Pre-analysis of teams’ forms and performances: 

It is common practice for history to always repeat itself in football. So ensure you check the form and performance index of the teams you wish to gamble on. Check their win rates or goal-scoring record at halftime or full-time before making decisions.

  • Head-to-head stats are nearly as important: 

You should check the recent games between teams in a favored match-up. Consider which teams often have the edge in recent games against a specific opponent. Then, judge the possibilities of one scoring or winning ahead of the other at the end of each half.

  • Strengths and weaknesses at home or away: 

With these records, you will understand if a team concedes more at home or away or scores more either way. Comparing the statistics could help judge the possibility of one team getting a half-time or full-time win or a draw. 

  • Lineups and injuries: 

To make more accurate half-time/full-time football predictions, you must possess the foremost knowledge of teams’ lineups and injuries. If a key player is missing, it is likely his team struggles to win or even draw at the end of half-time or full-time. 

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The Various Kinds of the Half-time/Full-time Bet

The HT/FT bet comprises sub-categories of markets or depends on several possible outcome types. Some of the betting options in this market include:

Betting on the Winner

In football, there are nine possible outcomes when you bet on who will be winning at halftime and at the end of the game (full-time). These Halftime/fulltime 1/2 meaning include the home team winning, the away team winning, or a draw at either halftime or full-time.

Unlike football, NBA teams on the other hand can tie at the break but never at full-time, courtesy of overtime. 

Betting on the Correct Score

The rewards are high, but the risks involved are much more significant and unnecessary. You simply have to make a correct guess on the score of a football match at HT and FT.

This bet is available for football and ice hockey events and not for NBA and NFL selections because of the latter’s wide range of points. 

Betting on Goals

HT/FT bets on goals scored are easier than the correct score. Instead of having to guess the individual team scores, you only need to propose a cumulative goal number between the two teams. 

For example, let us assume a punter wagers on a football match to have three and five goals at the end of half-time and full-time. For you to win this bet, the score after the first interval can be 1 – 2, 2 – 1, or 3 – 0. The second interval must have scores like 3 – 2, 2 – 3, 1 – 4, or 4 -1.


Guessing the number of corners two teams will accrue in a football game is another way to go with HT/FT bets. Some bookmakers put this cumulative number in ranges, like 0 – 3, 4 – 6, and 7 – 9, while others have them as single numbers.

Here is some unsolicited advice for half-time/full-time corner bets – most of the action happens in the second half.


You must guess how many yellows or red cards the teams will end up with at half-time or at full-time. Heads up – second halves witness the most disciplinary actions. 

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Half-time/Full-time Bet Example

Our example will be the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final match between Dortmund and Real Madrid. We will be discussing this bet selection in relation to half-time/full-time match-winner and correct score bets.

Match Winner

Below is a picture of the odds table of the UCL Final match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid:

Home/Home                    8.19 Home/Draw                   18.04 Home/ Away                  24.69
Draw/Home                     0.84 Draw/Draw                      6.40 Draw/Away                      4.45
Away/Home                   50.00 Away/Draw                    17.40 Away/Away                      2.43

From the above, we can see the distinct eight outcomes between two football teams at half-time and full-time, including:

  1. Home/Home.
  2. Home/Draw.
  3. Home/Away.
  4. Draw/Home.
  5. Draw/Draw.
  6. Draw/Away.
  7. Away/Home.
  8. Away/Draw.
  9. Away/Away.

It is clear from this odds table that the favorite is Real Madrid, and rightfully so. The team is in great form, and the performances through the 2023/24 season have been stellar.

Based on past records, Real Madrid has won 14 UCL finals, compared to Dortmund’s single trophy in 1997.  

The odds of Away/Away – Real Madrid winning at half and full-time is 2.43, which is considerably low because they are favorites. You can see the sharp contrast to the 8.9 odds on 1ht or 1ft meaning – Dortmund is to win at half-time and full-time.

Your highest possible income will come from a bet on Real Madrid winning the first half and Dortmund winning the game.

You will get 50 times your wager with this bet. So, if you stake ₦100 on this bet option, you will get ₦500 in return. 

Correct Score

Below is an odds table detailing the outcome of the Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid UCL Final in terms of correct score:

0:0 0:0              13.00 0:0 0:1                           12.00 0:0 0:2                           21.00
0:0 0:3              60.00 0:0 1:0                           22.00 0:0 1:1                           21.00
0:0 1:2              41.00 0:0 2:0                           78.00 0:0 2:1                           80.00
0:0 3:0            250.00 0:0 4+                            34.00 0:1 0:1                           16.50
0:1 0:2              14.50 0:1 0:3                           27.00 0:1 1:1                           27.00
0:1 1:2              26.00 0:1 2:1                           87.00 0:1 4+                            14.00
0:2 0:2              41.00 0:2 0:3                           36.00 0:2 1:2                           71.00
0:2 4+               14.00  0:3 0:3                         145.00 0:3 4+                            32.00
1:0 1:0              33.00  1:0 1:1                           28.00 1:0 1:2                           48.00
1:0 2:                54.00  1:0 2:1                           50.00  1:0 3:0                         185.00
1:0 4+               25.00  1:1 1:1                           35.00  1:1 1:2                           33.00
1:1 2:1              64.00 1:1 4+                            15.00  1:2 1:2                           84.00
1:2 4+               21.00 2:0 2:0                         145.00  2:0 2:1                         135.00
2:0 3:0            240.00 2:0 4+                            54.00  2:1 2:1                         170.00 
2:1 4+               39.00 3:0 3:0                         250.00 3:0 4+                          230.00

This odds table is heavily stacked in Real Madrid’s favor. The odds table shows many bets with high payouts, but these are attached to improbable scenarios.

Those high odds will not offer any payouts due to the difficulty involved in predicting the HT and FT correct score.

Let us take a look at the scenarios with the lowest odds, including:

  • 0:0 0:1 (12.00):

This correct score prediction means the teams will draw at half-time, and Real Madrid will win at full-time. This prediction is most plausible due to match difficulty, forms,  and decent match-up in player quality. But Real Madrid remains the favorite to win at the end of the full-time. 

  • 0:0 0:0 (13.00):

There is a high chance of a match ending in a goalless draw. The UCL final has witnessed many games like that in the past. As a result, this prediction is the second most plausible bet option, having the second lowest odds.

  • 0:1 4+ (14.00):

Real Madrid has the habit of scoring many goals in the second half of the game through the 2023/24 season. At half-time, Dortmund will have to lose 0:1. At full-time, both teams have to score a total of four goals or more.  

  • 0:2 4+ (14.00):

Losing 0:2 at halftime is less plausible than Dortmund losing by just one. The game must eventually end with both teams netting a cumulative 4-goal count or more. 

  • 1:1 4+ (15.00):

Since it is a competitive final, Dortmund will most likely show up with a fighting spirit. The first half must end in a 1:1 stalemate. At full-time, both teams must have four goals or more. 

The highest odds come to pass because the options are tipping Borussia Dortmund to win by an absurd number of goals. These events are unlikely to happen. They include:

  • 2:0 3:0 (240.00): 

Dortmund must win by 2 and 3 goals at half-time and full-time.

  • 3:0 3:0 (250.00): 

Dortmund must win by three goals at half-time and full-time.

  • 0:0 3:0 (250.00):

Dortmund must draw the first interval and win by three goals at full-time.

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Placing Half-time/Full-time Bets – A Guide

Let us guide you through how you can place bets on respectable sports betting websites. Remember that the first step is to identify a safe bookmaker to play on. Consider the following factors when making a pick:

  1. Wide variety of sports.
  2. Fair odds.
  3. Diverse payment methods.
  4. Generous sports bonuses.
  5. Valid ownership and licensing information. 

After selecting a trustworthy sportsbook to bet on, follow the steps below to place half-time/full-time bets:

  • open an account with the bookmaker;
  • log into your account;
  • deposit real money or cryptocurrency;
  • select football from the list of sports;
  • select the match you desire to bet on;
  • scroll down to find the half-time/full-time market;
  • select the stake option you desire;
  • input a wager;
  • and confirm your wager.

Half-time/Full-time Bet Strategy

There is no guarantee when predicting football outcomes, even with the best tips and strategies. But you can improve your chances by exploring the strategies below:

  1. Choose the clear favorite between the two teams to win at half-time and full-time. Picking the more likely team to win means lower odds but lesser bet risk.
  2. Experts believe picking teams to draw at half-time is a safe bet. This market provides significantly higher odds than the latter but comes with more risk.
  3. Pick underdogs with a decent amount of comebacks or surprise wins to win at half-time or full-time. Usually, this market also applies when the favorite has one or two key players missing.
  4. Playing combo bets by including other markets alongside your half-time/full-time bets is another way to go. A broad understanding of bet markets to use this strategy effectively is necessary.

Factors to Consider When Making half-time/full-time Bets

There are a couple of factors that can significantly affect football match outcomes. You must consider these factors when making HT/FT bets. They include the following:

  • Adverse weather and pitch conditions:

Even the best teams can have a bad game under poor weather and pitch conditions. These factors can lead to a lesser or no goal count and a possible shocker. 

  • Match officials:

The actions of a referee can have a significant impact on the outcome of a match. Take into consideration the ref’s temperament and history of bookings. This factor is most applicable to half-time/full-time card bets.

  • Match importance and opposition qualities:

Some games are more important than others. Even the best teams may decide to field weaker lineups against weaker opponents. The same goes for matches after winning the designated trophy or securing qualification to the knockout stages. 

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Mistakes to Avoid When Making Half-time/Full-time Bets

Be aware of the following common mistakes and avoid them when selecting half-time/full-time bets:

  1. Do not focus too much on results. Combining the team’s form and result records is better, as results alone can be misleading.
  2. History often repeats itself in football, hence the need to consider head-to-head records. Ignoring these statistics can be detrimental to your winning chances. 
  3. By not adopting any strategy, you are halfway to failure. Always have a betting plan to avoid naive decisions. 

Comparing Half-time/Full-time Bets and Winning Both Halves

The odds table below describes a ‘Home/Away team to win both halves’ bet for the Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid UCL Final game:

Home Team to Win Both Halves

Yes                                                          15.00 No                                                             1.02

Away Team to Win Both Halves

Yes                                                            4.40 No                                                             1.22

It is clear how different half-time/full-time and winning both halves bet markets are. You answer Yes or No to the home or away team winning both halves for the latter. 

It is more than possible for the away team to win the first half, lose the second half, but win the game. These outcomes are synonymous with the away team winning at half-time and full-time – giving an Away/Away half-time/full-time bet. 

But then, the away team did not manage to win both halves because they lost the second half. Thus, you must answer ‘No’ to ‘Away Team to Win Both Halves.’

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